Keeping your premises safe in these uncertain times

During this uncertain times, with closures and reopening and closures again, you need to act upon keeping your premises safe to ensure that your cleaning and hygiene regimes do not have a ‘stop start’ approach just the same, and that they continue to the same high standards to protect both customers and employees.

Here are some tips for deep cleaning and sanitising your premises; 

  • Always clean first to remove dirt and dust –  disinfect/sanitise after
  • Use clean, cleaning equipment (mop heads, cloths, water etc)
  • Swap your cloths between rooms and surfaces for clean ones (clean cloths per room and per surfaces/floorings etc)
  • Disinfect/sanitise with suitable products
  • Always read the label on the back of the cleaning product for what it is effective in killing and how it needs to be used
  • Regular attention needed on high touch points (light switches, handles, backs of chairs etc)

Taking note of the above should help to reduce the likelihood of transmission of viruses within your premises, however, if you do have an outbreak – ServiceMaster Restore can help.

We offer a deep clean and sanitisation service where by we use specialist products and equipment to eliminate germs, bacterial and viruses keeping your premises safe – contact us at 0845 762 6828 /