Keeping your home safe from Storm Eunice


Storm Eunice has arrived, and with much of Britain now feeling its effects, it is vital to know how to protect you and your home from the strong winds and heavy rain.

Wind and heavy rainfall can be harmful to your property in a number of ways; In a downpour such as the ones experienced by many this weekend, the combination of strong winds and rain can lead to a build-up of moisture in your loft and roof space, which in turn can cause a heavy growth of damp and mould.

Mould in your roof space can be both detrimental to your health and the structure of your roof, as the moisture and mould can rot the timbers that make up your roof. Therefore, it is vital that you get it treated right away. This is especially true if you experienced hail this week, as dents that hail might leave in the tiles of your roof, or blockages in guttering can be a breeding ground for mould, as well as being a risk of leakage.

So, if Storm Eunice has meant that you have experienced hail in the last few days, it is a good idea to do an inspection of your roof tiles and gutters. Naturally, we understand that not many of people would feel comfortable to be traipsing around on our rooves to carry out DIY work. That’s why you can leave it to the professionals.

If your home has been the victim of damage from Storm Eunice this week – internal or external – give ServiceMaster Restore a call. Our experts are fully trained to carry out all manner of checks on your property, as well as restoration in certain circumstances. Whether it be damage from debris, the removal of mould, or flooding, we will be there to aid you in the aftermath.

Our support covers all elements of disaster recovery, and even includes aiding with claims and insurance. For example, if your home has flooded as a result of Storm Eunice, in completing a full flood clean up, we can also provide a moisture report to check for substantial moisture in your property. You can then send this to insurance companies for their report if put through insurance.

If you need our help, or just want to be prepared by learning more about our services, you can click here to find your nearest ServiceMaster Restore business. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0845 762 6828 in an emergency.

Credit: Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster