Improve operational resilience


There is nothing worse than business interruption caused by disaster, so it’s good to have things in place to ensure that if the worst does happen, that there is minimal disruption caused. This creates operational resilience.

There are things in place that can help achieve operational resilience: 

  • Insurance policy – To cover things like fire, flood and business interuption
  • Emergency contacts – Numbers ready to dial in case the worst should happen
  • Back up – Electronic data back up (remote) should any hard rives become damaged and unsalvagable
  • Disaster plan – An official plan that everyone is aware of that can be implemented in case of emergency
  • Supplier partners – Another business who could help out your customers if needed
  • Storage – Should you need to relocate, that you have somewhere temporary that you can use

By ensuring you cover the above points, you are well on your way to making your business more resilient to avoid a disaster affecting your business more than it needs to. A disaster restoration business should be included in your plan to work with you collaboratively to get your business back to fully operational as soon as physically possible.

There’s no cost to sign up to become a ServiceMaster Restore client, what do you have to lose?

We hope that the worst doesn’t happen, but if it does, rest assured that we can be there in an emergency in less than 4 hours, more often than not within 2.

If you’d like to make us part of your emergency contacts and your Disaster Management Plan – our emergency number is 0845 762 6828 /