Fire and Flooding in Spring

As the clocks have ‘sprung forward’ and the weather in the UK is getting warmer, it’s important to remember to whilst the dangers associated with Winter are becoming few and far between, there are dangers associated with warmer weather. Fire and flooding in spring are both possible. Read on for what these disasters are, what they are caused by and how you can prevent them.


As the warmer weather approaches, we enjoy spending more and more time outdoors. As such, Al Fresco dining becomes a popular option and introduces the use of barbecues and outdoor heating, such as patio heaters.

Always ensure the equipment you use to cook or heat the outside of your property is well maintained and operated correctly to reduce the likelihood of a fire accident. Remember to make sure it is switched off and stored safely when you have finished with it.


Most would ignore this because of the reduced rainfall, but out come the hose pipes, water features, paddling pools and hot tubs. All have a risk of flooding your property outdoors or in. It only takes a couple of cm’s to cause a flood, so ensure that any water apparatus is water tight and has sufficient drainage in place to release water if you need to. Keep all apparatus in good working condition to reduce the likelihood of damage which could cause flooding.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience either of the above, rest assured that there is professional help at hand should you need it following fire and flooding in Spring. Speak to our experts on 0845 762 6828 /