Cleaning up graffiti and vandalism

Is graffiti and vandalism a problem you’ve come back to?

With government restrictions easing again, more and more people across the UK are beginning to return to the office. But what do you do if you come back to find that your building has been vandalised with unsightly graffiti in your absence?

Unfortunately, graffiti and vandalism is a big issue in the UK. Graffiti can be seen wherever you go; in shopping centres; on the walls and doors of commercial businesses; to factories and healthcare organisations. Not only is it unpleasant, but it is also expensive. It is estimated that in the UK, graffiti and vandalism costs the over £1 billion per year to clean up!

We all know how much first impressions count, and an unsightly building due to malicious damage and vandalism will harm your image with potential staff, clients and investors. This could lead to a loss of business, a reduction in staff morale and negative public perception of your company.

So what can you do? Though local authorities will always work with the community to prevent graffiti wherever they can, they are not responsible for clearing graffiti on private property – which includes business premises. What is important is to act fast. Eliminating graffiti, or other malicious damage as soon as it appears makes it easier to remove.

But who should I call?

For high quality and effective graffiti and vandalism restoration, there is only one option. ServiceMaster Restore is prepared to handle any and all damage to your commercial property – including graffiti and other malicious damage and vandalism. Our specialist tools and expert technicians are equipped to remove unwanted graffiti from a number of different surfaces. It doesn’t matter if it is signs, walls, or something else entirely. Whatever your situation, ServiceMaster Restore will sort it.

To learn more about our graffiti, vandalism, and other disaster restoration services, find your nearest ServiceMaster Restore branch today by clicking here.

Preventative measures you can take

So we’ve cleaned up the graffiti and vandalism on your premises, but you are understandably worried about the same happening again. Luckily, another benefit of it acting quickly and getting graffiti and vandalism cleaned ASAP is that it reduces the risk of vandals doing it again.

You can also employ some natural deterrent like landscaping by planting shrubs or thorny plants, which can help to restrict vandal access. Similarly, using fencing and controlled entrances and exits, can work effectively.

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Credit: Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster