The Post Flood Clean up

It can be hugely distressing returning to your home after a flood. Often personal items are damaged beyond repair, your home isn’t as you left it and it can be overwhelming rebuilding your home and its memories from scratch.

Having waited until it is safe to re-enter your home, you’ll want to get on top of things right away. Most people affected by flood damage begin by cleaning their home to remove the staining and odours left from the stagnant water before bringing back in their belongings.

Doing this yourself does come with its risks. Simply just using a mop and bucket pushes the silt around and it will take much, much longer to get your home clean. Not only that, it’s easy to miss hidden areas where there’s the possibility that silt and dirty water can be trapped with a risk of mould and unhealthy bacteria being left to grow.

The best way to decontaminate after flooding (particularly if there is silt everywhere) is to call an expert, such as ServiceMaster Restore. As professionals we would assess the damage to your home and consider our approach carefully.

  • Just one possible solution may be that we reflood the property several times with clean water, while at the same time aqua vacuuming, this will dilute and remove the solids. When the water being vacuumed is clear, the affected area would be sprayed with sanitiser which would be left to dwell for the period recommended by the manufacturer, this method is called multi stage cleaning. Dehumidifiers and air movers would then be installed to dry.
  • We would also make sure that things like plinths, bath panels, skirting boards, plasterboard are removed to ensure that hidden areas are cleaned, otherwise there could be mould growth and a risk of poor air quality due to pathogens/bacteria left behind.
  • It is possible that there could be silt and black water trapped in the floors in more modern properties with floating floors. This is something that we would check, that you possibly wouldn’t if you were doing this yourself.

You can arrange for a professional to undertake a thorough cleaning and sanitisation service for your home. Choosing a professional to help with the post flood clean, gives added peace of mind that your home has been cleaned and sanitised effectively so that you can concentrate on making it a home again.

To find your local flood restoration expert, visit our ‘find your nearest page’ HERE.